Dream of sharing your story or your gift with the world — or seeing your book in print and at the top of Amazon’s charts?

Wish you could become an expert – maybe even grow a business or your income?

Everyone from Jeff Walker to Michael Crichton, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Steven King, and others turned to the same approach:

They became “instant experts” — authors.

But you don’t need to be a brilliant writer or top marketer to join them.

Because the internet (especially Amazon) is leveling the playing

My friend Chandler Bolt stumbled onto a system when he dropped out of college and published his first bestselling book
in a month.

Then he streamlined and refined the approach so anyone can follow it – and he rented studio time to break down the process for you.

In his latest free video, Chandler’s revealing the Bestselling Book Launch Blueprint that’s launched bestsellers in dozens of

I love this video because it covers all the hard-to-figure-out (without help) pieces of successfully launching your first book.

See, because of 2 key technological changes in the book industry, it’s never been easier to write your book and turn it into a bestseller – even make passive income year after year.

Watch the next training video now called:

Book Marketing 101:
How to successfully market your first book using the Bestselling Book Launch Blueprint.



This is training video 3 of 4, and it gets really exciting because you’ll learn the nuts and bolts – the exact tools, tips, and techniques to turn your book into a bestseller – including:

* 4 book launch screw-ups most authors make (and how to avoid them)

* A counterintuitive (and free) approach to win people over and build buzz for your book

* 3 unconventional ways your book can boost your business, generate passive income, and bring clients to you

* Amazon’s “Rule of 3” secret to maximize sales

* The EXACT Bestselling Book Launch Blueprint that’s launched bestselling books in dozens of industries and niches — it works even if you don’t have a list or audience, or don’t know if anyone will read your book

I know you’re going to love this new video because it’s jammed packed with book marketing GOLD and doesn’t pull any punches.

Watch the video here:




I’ve been absent for a week or so, sorry about that.

Been overwhelmed writing projects and, well, life stuff.

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Happy Monday.

I know, it’s everyones “least” favourite day of the week.

I used to hate Monday’s too.

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When I started in self publishing, I was taught to find niches in high demand by using the Google Keyword tool.

Giving an indication of demand in a particular niche.

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An email list.

It’s the one thing every internet marketer strives to create.

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